William Morris Gallery

William Morris Gallery

Located in a Georgian house in Walthamstow, which was home to Morris and his family between 1848 and 1856, is the recently redeveloped William Morris Gallery. I paid a visit as part of my tube exploration plan.

I find Morris a fascinating character – a talented poet and artist who believed that everyone should have beauty in their lives, he became a socialist later in his life and could often be found handing out pamphlets or taking part in demonstrations. He disliked the growing machine-made culture of the Victorian age, and championed small-scale production and handcrafted goods.

The museum tells us about Morris’ life, from his childhood through to old age. It also simultaneously tells the story of the house itself. Displayed in the rooms of the house are several artefacts and examples of his art, and that of his contemporaries. I particularly liked the reconstruction of the Morris and Co. store, which showed how customers could combine the different elements of the design to create a truly Arts and Crafts home. The museum is free to enter, too, which is a bonus!


Address: Lloyd Park, Forest Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 4PP

Website: wmgallery.org.uk

Opening Hours: Wed-Sun (& Bank Holidays) 10am-5pm

Prices: Free

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