Tatty Devine: making a statement

On my Tatty Devine wishlist there are several statement pieces which I would love to have.

At the top of my list is the Giant Dinosaur Necklace in gold mirror. He was inspired by the dino at the Natural History Museum.

Giant Dinosaur Necklace – Gold

I already have the small lobster necklace in pink (from the Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset House) but I would love this colourful Giant Lobster Necklace.

Giant Lobster Necklace – Black

Tatty have just brought back the orange Tiger Necklace, but I think I prefer the white pearl version.

Tiger Necklace

I completely adore the Sequin Party Statement Necklace. It would be brilliant at a Christmas party.

Sequin Party Statement Necklace

Finally, there is the Midsummer Blooms Statement Necklace. I could never afford this, and even if I could I doubt if I’d actually buy it (I’d probably smash it or something), but I can certainly look and admire this thing of beauty.

Midsummer Blooms Statement Necklace

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