Revelations: Experiments in Photography – Science Museum

Revelations: Experiments in Photography is an exhibition at the Science Museum which looks at photography with a science theme over the last two centuries. Scientific photography influenced art, but was also valuable in its own right, as it was able to capture images and phenomena invisible to the naked eye.

My favourite work was Ori Gersht’s Blow Up (2007), which captured a still life in the act of exploding, a magnificent and beautiful work. However, the one with the best title was undoubtedly Chickens, scared by a torpedo (c. 1878), a picture by the photography of movement pioneer Eadweard Muybridge. Early images by photographers such as William Henry Fox Talbot were shown, alongside works by modern artists such as Harold Edgerton and Hiroshi Sugimoto; I particularly liked the former’s dynamic Bullet Through Lemon (c. 1955). However, overall I preferred the older photographs, and was sorry to see that most of the pictures in the exhibition were comparatively modern. Admittedly this is a personal preference, and the exhibition is certainly worth seeing if you have an interest in the subject matter.

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