Five years in London

On 19 February, 2011, I moved to London. I came down with one massive suitcase (my brother drove down later with the rest of my stuff) and that evening I was straight out to a gig with my friends: it was Mr Scruff at Koko in Camden. Perhaps appropriately, given my later obsession, Koko is located inside an old theatre; it was also on that night, standing outside on the balcony and looking towards Mornington Crescent Underground station, that I decided it might be fun to visit all the tube stations in London.

When I was little I didn’t really have any plans for my future, with one exception: I knew I wanted to move to London. I knew this from the time of my first visit, when I was about nine, and I was overwhelmed (in a good way) by the people and the activity and the history. So if I never achieve anything else in my life, I’ve achieved one of my childhood dreams, and at least I can look back and think that my nine year old self would be proud.

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