I always get choked up at weddings

(The title of this post comes from the AWESOME Game of Thrones-themed wedding card I got from TheOneCreativeBird)

I love weddings. I love other people’s weddings, so I can enjoy nice food and lovely drinks and heartwarming speeches and a disco without having to make any of the effort myself. I know it’s hugely selfish of me, but there it is. This particular wedding was special because one of my best friends was getting married. The day involved a boat on the Thames and a Routemaster bus.


I started putting my wedding guest outfit together several years before the wedding was actually arranged. By this, I mean that I found the amazing Ship in a Bottle Fascinator on the Candy Candy website and purchased it in the hope that one day I’d actually have an occasion to wear it. That day finally arrived – and the fascinator went rather well with the boat. If you can’t wear a ridiculous fascinator to a wedding, when can you wear a ridiculous fascinator?


The rest of the outfit I put together in the last few weeks. The Miusol 1950s Vintage Party Dress in Navy Blue was an absolute bargain from Amazon. It fits really well and is made of a slightly stretchy fabric. It’s the sort of dress that I’ll be able to wear again in the future, dressed up or down as I please. On the day I wore it with a black petticoat but I think it would also look nice without one.


Shoes: ASOS Spectrum Heels. I love glitter, but while I own three pairs of red glitter shoes (two pairs in London and one in Durham at my parent’s – you never know when you might need them) I didn’t own any silver ones. These are nice and simple, with a low heel that that I thought I would be able to walk in all day without being crippled. I’m pleased to report that they remained comfortable all day.


Finding an appropriate bag proved tricky. First of all I got a lovely shell bag from Vintage Styler, but, beautiful as it was, it was far too small for all my things, so I had to send it back. I ended up with this Skinnydip Mermaid Shell Bag in Silver. This one was quite a bit roomier and I was able to fit everything in it except my camera.

‘Wedding Special’!

Special mention to my lipstick, which was MAC Heroine. I would normally wear red on special occasions but I didn’t think it would look right with my outfit. This was the first time I’d ever worn purple lipstick, but I’m really pleased with it.

Thumbs up for the veggie option

It was a brilliant day and I had a fantastic time. I got to spend time with my friends and meet up with people I hadn’t seen for a while. I also chatted to people I’d never met before, which is pretty unusual for me. On the boat I talked to one elderly lady, a friend of the groom’s family, who had actually seen The Mousetrap in London back when it first opened and Richard Attenborough was starring in it. She was so elegantly dressed in a black fascinator, Victorian-style blouse and floral two-piece and I have decided that I want to BE her when I am old.

‘The Houghberg’ – specially brewed wedding ale

A great day was had by all – most importantly the bride and groom. Seeing my friends getting married makes me feel pretty old, but it’s lovely to see them so happy. Also, free champagne is always welcome.

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