Jewellery brand of the month: Down the Rabbit Hole

July’s celebrated jewellery brand is one I’m very surprised I haven’t got round to posting about earlier. It’s probably one of the most affordable, possibly even the most affordable, jewellery brands out there, and there are loads of pieces from it on my wishlist. The brand in question is:


Down the Rabbit Hole is owned by Lynsey and based in Stockton-on-Tees. It specialises in affordable acrylic jewellery and accessories.

My first purchase from the brand was this super cute Alice in Wonderland Silhouette brooch, which also comes as a necklace.

Alice in Wonderland Brooch
Alice in Wonderland Brooch

This Nessie necklace is adorable.

Loch Ness Monster Necklace
Loch Ness Monster Necklace

Many items in the store are inspired by books, movies and TV shows. This Game of Thrones-inspired necklace is next on my list.

Tyrion 'I Drink and I Know Things' Acrylic Necklace
Tyrion ‘I Drink and I Know Things’ Acrylic Necklace

As is this Harry Potter necklace – I love the gold acrylic. You can get brooches and necklaces based on all of the Hogwarts houses, too.

'I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good' Acrylic Necklace with Charm
‘I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good’ Acrylic Necklace with Charm

Down the Rabbit Hole doesn’t just make jewellery. You can get box frames, chopping boards and door/wall hangers. I have this Harry Potter hanger in front of my desk at work!

'No Muggles Allowed' Harry Potter Inspired Wooden Door/Wall Hanger
‘No Muggles Allowed’ Harry Potter Inspired Wooden Door/Wall Hanger

The store’s signature rainbow design is available as a necklace or a brooch.

Bright Acrylic Rainbow & Clouds Brooch Badge
Bright Acrylic Rainbow & Clouds Brooch Badge

Check the brand out via the links below. I particularly recommend the Facebook page, which is especially active, and has regular news about new products.




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