Jewellery brand of the month: Curiology

This month’s brand is the UK-based:


Curiology, established in 2010, focuses on Gothic and spooky jewellery made from a variety of materials: plastic, wood, paper and metal. There is a monthly Coven Club with new designs, and regular limited editions alongside the standard range.

The Cemetery Necklace is a staple of mine.

Cemetery Necklace

The Cathedral statement necklace is dramatic and detailed.

Cathedral statement necklace

The Dearly Departed necklace is made from layered acrylic.

These Edgar Allan Poe cameo earrings are perfect for fans of Gothic literature.

Edgar Allan Poe cameo earrings

This beautiful ‘It’s Only Forever’ sterling silver owl necklace is inspired by Labyrinth.

It's Only Forever owl necklace

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The Old Savoy – The home of The Deco Theatre, Northampton (Heritage Open Days)

The Savoy
The Savoy in its heyday

I had been planning to make a visit to Northampton for two reasons: one to see a friend, and two to see a play. When I realised that my visit would coincide with the annual Heritage Open Days, I decided to make the most of my day and look for a venue to visit.

I decided on the Deco Theatre, which is located on Abington Square. Built in 1935-36, it was designed by William Riddell Glenn (1884-1950). It opened as The Savoy on 2 May 1936, as a cinema with an Art Deco auditorium, and originally seated nearly 2,000 people, with an in-house Compton organ which entertained audience during the interludes.

The auditorium
The auditorium today

The cinema closed in 1995, struggling to compete with multiplex cinemas, and was bought by the Jesus Army Charitable Trust (who still use part of the building as the Jesus Centre) in 2000. The Deco (not connected with the Jesus Centre) opened as a local theatre in 2004. Stage Right began running The Deco in 2009, and have gone from strength to strength. Plans are afoot to transform the entrance area and the front of the theatre, removing the cross and replacing it with new signage.

Sign reading 'To Balcony'
Art Deco-style sign in the foyer

Even though I’m not from the area I always enjoy visiting a theatre wherever I am. The Deco’s history is not uncommon, but still fascinating, and the efforts of those who work there to maintain it as a venue are admirable. I wish the theatre all the best for the future.

The Deco Theatre
The Deco Theatre today