2018’s greatest Christmas jumpers

I remember when Christmas jumpers were uncool. When Mark Darcy wore one in Bridget Jones’s Diary and it wasn’t a good look. Thankfully (in my opinion) things have changed, and a festive jumper is a strong choice for the season. I’ve collected a few of my favourites below.

This Literary Christmas Jumper from the British Library is perfect for anyone who loves books.

Literary Christmas Jumper

This Attenbrrr Christmas Jumper from notjust is great for fans of our greatest national treasure.

Atttenbrrr Christmas Jumper

The Labyrinth Christmas Jumper from Truffle Shuffle is perfect for fans of the classic Eighties movie.

Labyrinth Christmas Jumper

I used to love playing Spyro the Dragon on PlayStation, and this Spyro Christmas Jumper is fab.

Spyro the Dragon Christmas Jumper

Cheaper options include the Dobby Christmas Jumper from Primark.

Dobby Christmas Jumper

For a more traditional look, this Embroidered Robins Christmas Jumper¬†adds a festive touch without being tacky.Embroidered Robins Christmas JumperWhat’s your favourite?