Jewellery brand of the month: Sstutter

I’m back in the UK for my next brand, the amazing:


Sstutter is one of the most unique acrylic jewellery brands out there. It is the brand of Phil Wykes, who designs and makes each piece. Each design is usually produced in one or more limited-edition colourways.

This beautiful Monarch Butterfly necklace in the Magenta Jewel colourway is definitely going to be my first purchase.

Monarch butterfly necklace - magenta jewel

For something a bit more delicate, the Hummingbird, available as either a pendant or a brooch, is ideal. This is the Flowers colourway.

Hummingbird - flowers

The Owl necklace is available in a number of colourways; this Onyx version reminds me of the owl in Labyrinth.

owl necklace - onyx

The animal heads are really popular: I like this Snow White version of the cat necklace.

Cat necklace - snow white

Finally, this statement Crocodile Necklace is an utter masterpiece. It is available in pink and this Gold Jewel colourway.

Statement crocodile necklace - gold jewel

Find Sstutter at the following locations:




Jewellery brand of the month: Kitschy Kittens

The next brand I’m going to explore is:


Kitschy Kittens are based in Australia and make cute acrylic brooches with a distinctive look.

I bought this Harry Potter-inspired Hogwarts castle brooch.

Hogwarts brooch

This Spooky Time clock brooch is on my wishlist.

Spooky Time brooch

I also love this Once Upon a Time brooch.

Once Upon a Time brooch

The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney film, so I love this Ariel brooch.

Ariel brooch

This Alice in Wonderland brooch is beautiful too.

Find Kitschy Kittens at the following locations:




Jewellery brand of the month: Brooch the Subject

This month, the spotlight is on Australia-based:


Brooch the Subject has been going for a few years now and has garnered a reputation for beautiful and well-made designs.

I bought this little Tomte brooch just before Christmas last year.

tomte brooch

Sadly, I missed out on the Christmas Fairy in the same release.

Christmas fairy

This Kitschy Kitten clock brooch was one of the brand’s earliest designs.

kitschy kitten clock brooch

I love the Emerald City brooch.

Emerald City brooch

Next on my list is this gorgeous Victorian-inspired design.

Victorian-style brooch

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Jewellery brand of the month: Curiology

This month’s brand is the UK-based:


Curiology, established in 2010, focuses on Gothic and spooky jewellery made from a variety of materials: plastic, wood, paper and metal. There is a monthly Coven Club with new designs, and regular limited editions alongside the standard range.

The Cemetery Necklace is a staple of mine.

Cemetery Necklace

The Cathedral statement necklace is dramatic and detailed.

Cathedral statement necklace

The Dearly Departed necklace is made from layered acrylic.

These Edgar Allan Poe cameo earrings are perfect for fans of Gothic literature.

Edgar Allan Poe cameo earrings

This beautiful ‘It’s Only Forever’ sterling silver owl necklace is inspired by Labyrinth.

It's Only Forever owl necklace

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Jewellery brand of the month: Painfully Pretty

The next brand I want to talk about is the Australia-based:


Painfully Pretty creates beautiful acrylic jewellery themed around mental health and chronic illness. They also offer accessible jewellery options, such as magnetic clasps for necklaces.

The red cameo brooch is from the Melancholia collection. I have it in purple, but I also have my eye on this red version. John Keats’ poem Ode to Melancholy is engraved round the edges.

cameo brooch

The Semicolon Parasol brooch is from the same collection. It is decorated with a semicolon, which has become a mental health-related symbol.

parasol brooch

The Blossoming brooch is inspired by the poetry of Emily Dickinson and is made up of three purple anemone flowers. It has a clasp on the back to thread a chain, so you can also wear it as a necklace!

blossoming brooch

The Flora Watch Dial brooch represents the ‘Radium Girls’, who worked in factories in the early 20th century and became victims of poisoning.

Flora watch dial brooch

The Corset brooch is another piece from the Melancholia collection. Inspired by Victorian corsets, it is engraved with the phrase “Laced by expectations”.

corset brooch

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Jewellery brand of the month: Designosaur

The next brand I’d like to talk about is:


Designosaur is based in Brighton, and makes jewellery and other fun items inspired by dinosaurs and other fun concepts. The company is run by designers Jacques Keogh and Karli Dendy, and has been in existence since 2012.

George the Chameleon was a joint venture by Designosaur and fellow Brighton brand Hello Dodo. I love him because he goes with everything!

George the chameleon necklace

I have one of these dino charm necklaces, and I love it. They are available in several colours.

Dinosaur charm necklace

Recently the brand released a range of dino-themed zodiac jewellery. The dino for Cancer is the ankylosaurus.

Ankylosaurus necklace

It’s not just dinos: this sabre tooth tiger necklace is on my list, mainly because it was the chosen symbol of my favourite Power Ranger.

Sabre tooth tiger necklace

I also love this wooden dodo brooch.

Dodo brooch

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Jewellery brand of the month: CherryLoco

The next brand I’d like to focus on is the UK-based:


CherryLoco is run by Lauren who designs her acrylic jewellery in Glasgow, Scotland.

My first purchase from the brand was this awesome pair of Jem-inspired earrings.

Jem Glitter Star Earrings

The brand specialises in spooky and Gothic-themed jewellery: this Whitby Abbey cameo brooch is a fine example.

Whitby Abbey cameo brooch

This reversible necklace is especially awesome: the Gingerbread Man and the Gingerdead Man, which are also available as separate brooches.

Reversible necklace

This crystal heart brooch is beautiful.

crystal heart brooch

Recently CherryLoco have started making more elaborate designs: I particularly love this Enchanted Garden key brooch.

enchanted garden key brooch

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Jewellery brand of the month: Bonnie Bling

Since I’m heading off to Scotland in just over a week, I thought I’d write about a Scottish jewellery brand, namely:


Bonnie Bling is run by Mhairi from Scotland, and most of the jewellery in the collection is inspired by Scottish culture and slang. There are some great pieces as part of the range.

Currently, the one piece I own is this Wee Cow Necklace, also available as a brooch and in a variety of colours including pastels.

wee bling cow necklace

I’m also lusting after this Tunnock’s Tea Cake brooch.

tunnocks teacake brooch

Not to mention these Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer earrings.

tunnocks caramel wafer earrings

The Waverley Necklace shows the world’s last existing seagoing paddle steamer in necklace form.

waverley necklace

This Billy Connolly brooch has proved popular among fans of the comedian.

billy connolly brooch

Find Bonnie Bling at the following locations:





Jewellery brand of the month: Hello Crumpet

Today I’m going to write about one of my favourite brands:


Hello Crumpet is run by Claire, originally based in the UK but now located in the Netherlands. Due to its focus on literature and Shakespeare, it’s a brand that I particularly love, and some brooches are even available via the Shakespeare’s Globe shop!

The brand is named after founder Claire’s cat Crumpet, so it seems only natural that a cat brooch is available.

cat brooch

Many brooches are Harry Potter-themed, including this Tales of Beedle the Bard book brooch.

Tales of Beedle the Bard book brooch

For Easter this year, this gorgeous Lindt-style bunny brooch was available.

gold bunny brooch

Game of Thrones fans will like this “Winter is coming” brooch.

winter is coming brooch

This awesome skull brooch brings to mind the famous quotation, “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown,” and is available at the Globe shop along with others, including an ‘Exit, pursued by a bear’ brooch!

skull and crown brooch

Find Hello Crumpet at the following locations:




Shakespeare’s Globe Shop:

Jewellery brand of the month: Little Pig Jewellery Design

Today I’m going to write about another British brand:


Little Pig Jewellery Design is run by Emma who makes quirky, fun acrylic jewellery. As the name suggests, pigs make up a large part of her inspiration but there are plenty of other cute designs too! I haven’t made a purchase from this shop yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

I love this Three Little Pigs necklace.

3 little pigs necklace

This Fairy Door brooch is super cute.

fairy door brooch

I also love this Scalloped Heart brooch.

scalloped heart brooch

These Ding Dong Bell earrings are super fun.

ding dong bell earrings

Finally, I love these Party Ring Biscuit brooches. I want to get several and wear them all to a retro birthday party.

party ring brooch

Find Little Pig Jewellery Design at the following locations: