Tatty Devine Charm Bracelet Workshop

I love Tatty Devine and I’ve wanted to go to one of their jewellery-making workshops for ages. I signed up for a Charm Bracelet Workshop at their store on Brick Lane, and went along one Sunday morning.

To make the bracelet, we could choose a silver or gold chain – I chose silver. We then had the task of choosing ten charms to add to it. I had lots of trouble choosing charms as there were so many lovely ones and I just couldn’t decide. In the end I went for a mixture of styles and colours, though several others there chose a theme for their bracelet – one woman went for a gold chain with gold and tortoiseshell charms, which looked really lovely.

The next bit was adding the charms to the bracelet. We used pliers to open the charm rings, thread the charm and add the ring to the bracelet. This was fiddly, but easier than I’d expected. The shop staff who were helping us were really helpful and friendly and they tightened all our charms for us to stop them falling off!

I was very pleased with my finished product and I hope I get the chance to go to another workshop in the future.