Retro technology

Recently I was at home for a week, and as my parents are moving in a few months I was given the job of sorting out all my stuff. I came across some retro gems that I loved and enjoyed while I was a child and a teenager!

First up, my beloved cassette player/recorder/radio. I got hours of use out of this. Do kids today even know what cassettes are?

2015-05-09 20.23.08
Alba Radio Cassette Recorder

Gender-specific toys are not a new thing, sadly. On the other hand, I still prefer the pink/purple colourway of this Home Alone II-inspired Talkgirl to the original silver/black of the Talkboy.

2015-05-09 20.38.01
Deluxe Talkgirl

How awesome was the Dear Diary? My brother and cousin once spent a whole afternoon trying to guess my password. They failed. HA!

2015-05-09 20.25.17
Dear Diary
2015-05-09 20.25.32
Inside the Dear Diary

Now that there is no analogue TV, this portable model is pretty useless.

2015-05-09 20.24.17
Casio Portable TV

Ordinary film cameras always confused me so this APS camera from Kodak was brilliant. Sadly it was soon superseded by digital photography, but I used this for a good few years.

2015-05-09 20.26.08
Kodak Advantix F600 Camera

Ah, the portable CD player. When you spent hours trying to work out which one album you wanted to listen to, then had to carry this bulky thing around.

2015-05-09 20.32.51
Goodmans Portable CD Player

Before I got a laptop I used to take this to sixth form and write all my essays on it. It came in very handy.

2015-05-09 20.26.41
Sharp Electronic Organiser
2015-05-09 20.26.51
Inside the Sharp Electronic Organiser

How cute is this Minidisc player? I think Minidiscs would have really taken off if the iPod hadn’t come out shortly afterwards.

2015-05-09 20.31.09
Panasonic Minidisc Player
2015-05-09 20.34.32
My collection of minidiscs

My first ever mp3 player, and my first foray into digital technology. This lasted me a good few years.

2015-05-09 20.24.51
Creative mp3 Player

I could probably start a museum with this lot, honestly…