South London Gallery

The South London Gallery

On Sunday I popped into the South London Gallery in Peckham for the first time. I’d heard about an exhibition called Welcome to Iraq, and thought it sounded interesting.

The exhibition was originally shown as part of the National Pavilion of Iraq in the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013. Eleven artists, most of whom work and live in Iraq, were chosen to display their contemporary work. There were some very funny political cartoons, interesting sculptures, and two intriguing rooms upstairs full of furniture made out of cardboard.

The best thing about the exhibition was the homemade, relaxed feel, with comfy chairs and tables laden with books to do with Iraq. There were also refreshments available in the form of Iraqi tea and biscuits – free, but with a donation appreciated (which I was happy to make – the tea and biccies were delicious!).

The Gallery shows a rolling programme of temporary exhibitions, specialising in contemporary art. It is free to enter and has a café and a bookshop. It is open every day, and stays open until 9pm on Wednesdays – a good excuse to pop down after work.


Address: 65-67 Peckham Road, London, SE5 8UH


Opening Hours: Tues-Sun 11am-6pm (9pm on Wednesdays)

Prices: Free