Creaky Cauldron – Stratford upon Avon

Entrance to the Creaky Cauldron & Magic Alley

After visiting the MAD Museum, I still had some time left so I also visited the Creaky Cauldron and Magic Alley, just up the road. This place is billed as a shop and museum and it looks as though it was inspired by Harry Potter, with Butterbeer, wands and magical-themed toys for sale. The building is also home to the Enchanted Manor Museum, which I decided to visit.

I had expected a traditional museum with magical artefacts, but I realised quickly that this was not to be, once I was handed a clipboard, a pen and a worksheet. This reminded me of school trips when I was a child, when I had to fill in the answers while exploring the museum. The idea is that you answer questions and solve puzzles as you go around the museum, which covers two floors above the shop and cafe.

The museum was very atmospheric, with a dark and spooky atmosphere. In fact, at some points when I was alone on the top floor, I genuinely felt rather scared! The museum takes inspiration from magical lore, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials and other magical stories and is full of fascinating tales and interesting facts. I think children in particular would really enjoy this – I feltĀ a great sense of achievement when I received my certificate at the end!